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JUNE 2013


Putting Justice to Work

 The Workers’ Rights Clinic Newsletter


2,895Clinic Clients
119Law Students/Counselors
120Volunteer Attorneys
101Clients Helped with Unemployment Insurance Hearings
$526,993Unpaid Wages Recovered by Clients
Mike Gaitley


Good news: we’re expanding! In addition to our locations in San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose, we have added Fresno and Santa Ana (Orange County) to our roster of Workers’ Rights Clinic sites. These new locations have greatly enhanced our ability to provide basic information and referrals to workers throughout the State.

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Pregnant and Fired for Taking Medical Leave

machine operator

While Li Yan was pregnant with her second child, she started experiencing health problems that made it difficult for her to perform her job operating a machine in an industrial environment. The work was strenuous and regularly exposed her to harmful chemicals. She brought a doctor’s note to her manager and requested to be transferred to another department where she could perform safer, less physically taxing work, which her manager refused.

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Transforming the Lives of Clients and Students

Ann Munene

The Workers’ Rights Clinic has been, without a doubt, the best part of law school for me. Students get first-hand experience helping people in need, applying practical training, and working under the supervision of incredible volunteer attorneys. What’s unique about the Clinic is that it’s the only time I have seen students leave a law school event feeling energized and happy.

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A Volunteer’s Story

Ana de Alba

When I was growing up, I had no idea what a lawyer was. My family and I lived in one of the small towns that dot California’s Central Valley where my parents, recent immigrants from Mexico, worked in the fields. I grew up working alongside them, picking fruits and vegetables and learning about hard work that often goes unrewarded.

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The Workers’ Rights Clinic has offered free legal advice to low wage workers for more than 20 years.

For current information about the Workers’ Rights Clinic, please visit the Legal Aid Society–Employment Law Center website at www.las-elc.org.

REALLY? Surprisingly True Stories from the Clinic

Over the past 20 years staff and volunteers at the Workers’ Rights Clinic have heard thousands of stories about bad bosses, egregious wage violations, horrendous working conditions, outright discrimination and just about everything else in the employment rights world.

Employer Refuses to take Bleeding Employee to the Hospital

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