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Putting Justice to Work

 The Workers’ Rights Clinic Newsletter

True Stories from the Workers’ Rights Clinic

Over the past 20 years staff and volunteers at the LAS-ELC Workers’ Rights Clinic have heard thousands of stories about bad bosses, egregious wage violations, horrendous working conditions, outright discrimination and just about everything else in the employment rights world.

In July of 2012, Javier walked into the Berkeley Workers’ Rights Clinic wearing an enormous gauze bandage on his right hand. While working on a construction site, he accidentally cut off part of his left ring and pinky fingers with a power saw.

Although Javier was bleeding profusely, his employers initially refused to call an ambulance. A half an hour later the employers agreed to drive him to a hospital in Oakland. And then they just dropped him off outside the hospital, leaving him to make his way to the emergency room.

Finally, as a parting shot, the employers warned Javier that, if he told anyone he was injured while working for them, they would report him to “Immigration” because he was undocumented.

In the face of such outrageous—and illegal—conduct by the employer, the Workers’ Rights Clinic counselor and attorney were eager and able to provide counsel to Javier, help him secure future medical treatment, and connect him with an attorney to take the inhumane employer to task.