Program Overview

The Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center uses many tools to ensure justice and dignity for low-income people:

Our Work and Family program addresses workers' rights to time off for health needs, pregnancy and bonding as new parents.

We work in several areas of Gender Equity & LGBT Rights.

Our ​Veterans and Military Families Employment Project ensures time off for military obligations and fights discrimination based on military or veteran status.

Our Racial Equality program fights discrimination and harassment based on race; affirmative action

Our work on Wage Protection recovers unpaid wages and fights violations of the right to a minimum wage and overtime pay.

We help workers apply for Unemployment Insurance and appeal when they are denied payments they're entitled to.

Our ​Disability Rights program and clinics fight discrimination and harassment based on physical and mental health disabilities.

Our Immigration & National Origin program fights discrimination and harassment based on national origin and immigration status.

  • We help protect Language Rights by tackling discrimination in employment, government and business services, and education.

Our Workers’ Rights Clinics serve thousands of low-income and unemployed workers each year with counseling, information, and referrals at several locations across California; there's also a phone-in option.