Claudia Center Debates Cato Institute on the Value of the ADA

Claudia Center Debates Cato Institute on the Value of the ADA
November 19, 2012
Claudia Center

This past Sunday, November 18th, Senior Staff Attorney and Disability Rights Program Director Claudia Center debated libertarian Cato Institute's Walter Olson on the value of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  During the debate, entitled "Is the Americans with Disabilities Act a Net Positive for the Workplace and for Society?", Claudia explained that the ADA provides full citizenship to people with disabilities and gives them some important tools to navigate an array of social and physical spaces. 

She went on to note that the ADA is changing the work environment for many people with disabilities by providing accommodations such as accessible office and parking spaces for those with mobility disabilities, technology innovation for those with sensory disabilities, and greater flexibility in scheduling for those with less traditional disabilities such as cancer or depression.  While highlighting the benefits brought about by the ADA, Claudia also recognized the need for further federal policies to address unemployment among people with significant disabilities.  Listen to the full debate.