Mayor Lee Signs Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance

Mayor Lee Signs Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance
New Law Will Help San Francisco Workers Balance Jobs and Family
October 9, 2013

Mayor Ed Lee today signed the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance into law, encouraging employers and employees to create flexible work arrangements so workers can meet family caregiving obligations.

The Ordinance, authored by President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors David Chiu, grants workers the right to request flexibility
to care for children, elderly parents, or seriously ill family members without fear of retaliation.  Employers can deny requests, but only for bona fide business reasons that they explain in writing.

Through LAS-ELC's Work & Family helpline, we hear from thousands of workers each year struggling to care for loved ones while keeping their jobs.  Low-wage workers especially fear retaliation from their employers even for asking for small changes.  The Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance will protect employees who request flexibility and encourage employers to work together with employees to find solutions.