Ruth Silver Taube Now LAS-ELC Senior Staff Attorney

Ruth Silver Taube Now LAS-ELC Senior Staff Attorney
March 26, 2013
Ruth Silver Taube

We are delighted to announce that Ruth Silver Taube has joined us as a Senior Staff Attorney, shifting from her prior role as Special Counsel.  She will continue to oversee the Workers’ Rights Clinic in the South Bay; conduct outreach and education on human trafficking, equal pay, and disability rights issues; and to provide expert consultation on ERISA disability benefits.  She will also now oversee outreach and legal service provision to Vietnamese American workers in the South Bay.

Ruth first joined LAS-ELC as a volunteer at the Workers’ Rights Clinic in San Jose in the mid-1990's.  She was subsequently appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Santa Cara University School of Law and became the principal supervisor at the Workers’ Rights Clinic in San Jose.  In the past 10+ years as LAS-ELC Special Counsel, Ruth has initiated and implemented many academic and community-based projects and activities related to the employment law issues of our clients.  She also trains students and attorneys so that they can provide advice, information, and representation to clients, primarily before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the California Unemployment Appeals Board hearings, and at U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) mediations.

Ruth also works on human trafficking, equal pay, and disability rights issues, and she regularly conducts education and outreach to community partners on these topics.  She is Chair of the Legal Services Committee of the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking, a role which has included organizing and presenting at a Human Trafficking Litigation training; co-presenting at a human trafficking training at the EEOC; serving as a panelist at the “Not for Sale” human trafficking FREEdom Expo; and testifying on human trafficking issues at the San Jose City Council. 

In 2012, Ruth testified as an expert witness at Santa Clara County’s Commission on the Status of Women and Human Relation’s Commission’s Vulnerable Worker’s Forum to inform the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors of issues that impact marginalized workers.  Ruth is a founding member of the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative and authored an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury News in late 2012 entitled “We Must Continue the Fight for Equal Pay”.  She has been a panelist on equal pay issues at San Francisco State’s Annual Women’s conference, at San Jose State, and at De Anza College.

Ruth also specializes in ERISA disability benefits.  She has been a guest speaker on ERISA for Employment Lawyers at the Santa Clara County Bar, Labor & Employment Section’s Sexual Harassment Roundtable and the Contra Costa County Bar’s Labor and Employment Section.  She also presented on ERISA for Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the San Francisco County Bar, Workers’ Compensation section and published a companion article in CAAA’s publication.

Ruth recently worked with the Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California (VABANC) to establish a South Bay VABANC clinic, and she has served as an employment law instructor for law students from the Vietnamese Law Student’s Association.  She is now the supervising attorney of LAS-ELC’s new fellow, Betty Duong, who was awarded this year’s VABANC fellowship to work with low-wage Vietnamese American workers in the South Bay.