Stand Down for Women Veterans in Long Beach, CA

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Stand Down for Women Veterans in Long Beach, CA
July 19, 2013

Today LAS-ELC joined the California Women's Law Center to provide legal services to homeless women veterans in Long Beach, CA at the third annual Female Stand Down.  More than two dozen homeless women veterans sought legal assistance in just the first hour of the Stand Down.  Said one of them, "I feel blessed to have found these services today."

Stand Down events have been held across the country for years to provide food, clothing, services, and referrals to veterans in need.  But female veterans have unique experiences and needs, and they may not feel comfortable getting help at mostly-male Stand Down events.  The programs and services provided at today's Female Stand Down - the largest in the country - were tailored to the specific needs of female veterans, and included medical clinics, legal consultations, and employment workshops. 

The Stand Down was hosted by U.S. VETS, and legal services were also provided by the Inner City Law Center, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office, Public Counsel, and Levitt & Quinn.