Program Overview

The Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center ensures justice and dignity for low-income people in many ways:

Our Work and Family program addresses workers' rights to time off for health needs, pregnancy, and bonding as new parents, and it provides critical public information.

Our Gender Equity & LGBT Rights program addresses discrimination, Title IX enforcement, harassment, and workplace impacts of domestic violence.  

Our Wage Protection program recovers unpaid wages and fights violations of the right to a minimum wage and to overtime pay and help workers qualify for unemployment Insurance and pursue appeals when they are denied payments they're entitled to.

  • We also offer free legal services through the Wage Protection clinics in San Francisco and Oakland.

Our ​Disability Rights program fights discrimination and harassment based on physical and mental health disabilities, and pursues reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • We also offer free legal services through the Workers' Rights Disability Law Clinics in Berkeley. 

Our Immigration & National Origin program fights discrimination and harassment based on national origin and immigration status.

  • And we help protect Language Rights by tackling related discrimination in employment, government and business services, and education.

Our Racial Equality program fights discrimination and harassment based on race; affirmative action.

Our Workers’ Rights Clinics serve thousands of low-income and unemployed workers each year with counseling, information, and referrals at several locations across California; there's also a phone-in option.

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