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LAS-ELC Urges Alameda County to Focus on Needs of Inmates With Disabilities

The California correctional system is at a crossroads.  Decades of draconian policies have led to unprecedented rates of incarceration, particularly of persons of color and persons with significant disabilities.  Following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling finding that overcrowded prisons violated the federal constitution, the Legislature and the Governor of California have decided to make structural changes that are intended to permanently reduce the number of individuals held in state prisons and juvenile facilities.Read more

DOL Interpretation of FMLA Allows More Workers to Care for Adult Children

LAS-ELC applauds the Department of Labor for acting to help workers care for family members in need.  In a new Administrator’s Interpretation issued January 14th, DOL clarified that parents may take leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to tend to an adult child with a disability who is incapable of self-care, regardless of the child’s age when the disability arose.  Read more