Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault - Project Survive

Project SURVIVE helps ensure that people who experience domestic violence and sexual assault can keep their jobs while seeking safety or medical or legal help. If someone at home is hurting you, or if you have been subject to sexual assault, rape, or stalking and are having problems at work because of this violence, we may be able to help.

Non-Employment Help

Domestic and Dating Violence

Sexual Assault/Rape

Legal help

LAS–ELC represents individual workers through litigation and advocacy to enforce their rights and oppose discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


LAS–ELC advocates for legislation to expand protections for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.


LAS–ELC provides tools such as fact sheets and self-help materials. We provide limited representation to people seeking nondiscrimination and reasonable accommodation at work, or who need time off for medical or legal services or to attend to legal proceedings associated with domestic violence.

Education and outreach

LAS–ELC provides training in workplace laws on domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking.


LAS–ELC collaborates with a range of advocates and communities to identify and strengthen the common interests of persons with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, women, people of color, immigrants, language minorities, labor, and working people with caretaking obligations.