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Girls who participate in sports have better high school graduation rates and tend to earn more later in life. Those differences are especially significant for girls of color and girls from low-income families.

Know your rights: Watch this 4-minute video. (Get Spanish subtitles by clicking on the gear icon after pressing play.)

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Our work

With generous support from John P. and Terry Levin and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of California, we ensure that girls know their rights, and we work to uphold those rights.


  • Education, information, and outreach: We offer workshops and trainings for girls in K-12 schools, their families, coaches, and school and park administrators. We describe the benefits of sports for girls and explain girls’ rights.
  • Helpline and technical assistance: For answers to your questions about Title IX, AB 2404, and school and park compliance, call us toll-free at 877-593-0074 or email us at fairplay@las-elc.org. For school and park and rec leaders, and for peer organizations and state and federal legislators, we offer more formal technical assistance and training.
  • Solutions, including litigation: We have negotiated in several cases statewide to secure and monitor agreements with school districts to provide equitable sports programming. And, in select instances, we have conducted litigation, including the rulings in Ollier v. Sweetwater, in Chula Vista, clearly applying Title IX to K-12 schools for the first time.

Significant strides have been made since Title IX became law in 1972. But compliance with the law in elementary, middle, and high schools is still uneven. In California, AB 2404, which became law in 2004, extends girls the right to equity in sports to park and recreation departments. And, starting in 2016, all public agencies must report on their efforts at achieving equity in sports programming.

Fair Play Advisory Council

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