Improving the working lives of parents


New parents are healthier – and their children face a brighter future – when their workplaces have strong policies regarding pregnancy and parental leave, breastfeeding, and the balance between life and work. 

The coalition, a group of nonprofits, government agencies, and employers directed by LAS-ELC, is collaborating to improve the working conditions, equity, and health of pregnant women and new parents. Collectively, we have led employers to adopt better policies covering thousands of workers, policies that also boost morale and productivity. And we are continuing to spur change. Here's a webinar from Changelabs that shows how.

We are educating employers, health providers, and policy-makers to encourage them to make changes that will improve the working lives of parents. Here's more information on why these policies are important: 

Healthy Mothers Workplace Award

The coalition each year recognizes San Francisco employers with policies that community leaders have found are integral to health and equity for working parents. Look right for a list of past winners.

This year’s award ceremony featuring the San Francisco City Administrator Naomi Kelly and Supervisors Scott Weiner and Katy Tang, will take place on September 27th from 9 – 11am at the San Francisco Federal Building located at 90 7th Street, San Francisco, CA. Please register here.  All are welcome to attend, so please spread the word!

The coalition also offers a Healthy Mothers Workplace Toolkit, with model policies, a comprehensive checklist for employers and workers to review before a leave begins, sample forms, and links to information about breastfeeding.

Our coalition partners

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Information about working parents' rights

California Family Leave Laws: Know Your Rights! 
Rights for Breastfeeding Mothers: Lactation Accommodation and Discrimination
(The basics, for workers, parents, and caregivers, from the California Work & Family Coalition and LAS-ELC.)

Breastfeeding and Healthy Living: California Laws
California Department of Public Health

Pregnant Women and the Affordable Care Act
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Federal & California Maternity/Paternity Leave
Santa Clara County of Public Health

Additional breastfeeding resources

From the San Francisco Breastfeeding Promotion Coalition

From UCSF: Breastfeeding Resources in San Francisco

From WIC leaders: Increasing Breastfeeding in the Low-Wage Worksite

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: