Our Mission

We advance justice and economic opportunity for low-income people and their families at work, in school, and in the community.

What We Do

LAS-ELC is the only legal services nonprofit in the U.S. that uses all available legal tools to fight discrimination, harassment, wage theft, and other injustices in the workplace.

To advance justice and economic opportunity, we:

  • advocate for policy change in collaboration with partners nationwide,
  • provide limited representation and conduct impact litigation,
  • offer information about workers' legal rights online, in person, and in workshops, and 
  • serve thousands of clients directly each year, for free, in clinics across California. 

Founded in 1916, LAS-ELC has a long history of success. We have won hundreds of individual rulings and settlements for workers discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, or religious beliefs. Recent victories include two of the first federal court decisions upholding Title IX in K-12 schools and the first ruling barring an employer from discriminating against a qualified applicant because he used an invalid Social Security number when he was undocumented.

Our staff and Board of Directors believe that stable and respectful working conditions strengthen families and communities. 

Our work is supported by charitable contributions, grants, the State Bar’s Legal Services Trust Fund, and court-awarded attorneys’ fees. We do not receive funds from the federal Legal Services Corporation. We also depend in part on pro bono support from law students, new lawyers, seasoned practitioners, and other volunteers. And we sponsor fellowships for law students and new lawyers interested in working in public interest law.