Chris Ho Honored by Chinese for Affirmative Action

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Chris Ho Honored by Chinese for Affirmative Action
June 10, 2013
Chris Ho

Chris Ho, Director of LAS-ELC’s National Origin, Immigration, and Language Rights Program, was honored by Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) for his work on behalf of immigrant and language minority communities at its Celebration of Justice on Thursday, June 6th.  The annual event honors key civic and community leaders engaged in the struggle for civil rights and social justice.  CAA recognized Chris for the National Origin Program’s landmark litigation victories in Singh v. Jutla and Rivera v. Nibco, Inc., cases that have set widely-cited legal precedent enabling undocumented workers to more readily vindicate their workplace rights without fear of employer retaliation.

In receiving the award, Chris praised the decades-long work of CAA, a deeply rooted San Francisco community organization that has had a rich legacy of advocacy around issues of language access and educational equity, two areas in which the National Origin Program has partnered with CAA.  Noting that recent changes in the political landscape have “forced many Americans to rethink their attitudes about those who come to work and live in this country, and what it means to do the right thing by them,” Chris observed that the ongoing push for comprehensive immigration reform was cause for guarded optimism, but that “we and our allies will keep bringing the impact litigation cases we hope will continue to push the law in the right direction for immigrant workers, regardless of what Congress finally does.”