LAS-ELC Awarded Grant to Advance Gender Equity in Sports

LAS-ELC Awarded Grant to Advance Gender Equity in Sports
August 6, 2013

We are very pleased to announce that John and Terry Levin and The Jay and Rose Phillips Foundation of California have awarded a two year grant to Fair Play for Girls in Sports, a project of the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center. It will allow Fair Play to continue the important work of providing equal athletic opportunities to low-income girls so they may go on to thrive in the classroom and the workplace.

Two years ago, based on the vision and commitment of the Levins and The Phillips Foundation, Fair Play for Girls in Sports was launched to ensure that girls from low-income families throughout California have the chance to meaningfully and equally participate in school and community-sponsored sports. 

Over the course of the project’s first two years, Fair Play staff conducted numerous trainings for new audiences of girls, parents, community members, and coaches to raise awareness about gender equity in sports while developing know-your-rights materials and pursuing strategic litigation.  During the next two years, Levin Fellow Kim Turner and Fair Play director Elizabeth Kristen will expand the project’s activities in order to advance the aims of Title IX and AB 2404, California’s initiative to ensure gender equity in athletic leagues run by local Park and Recreation Departments.

We are inspired by the fact that the Levins and The Philips Foundation believe strongly in the power and promise of Title IX and AB 2404. And we are deeply grateful for their generosity and their dedication to improving the lives of disadvantaged girls.