LAS-ELC Educates Cancer Patients and Caregivers on Workplace Rights

LAS-ELC Educates Cancer Patients and Caregivers on Workplace Rights
March 5, 2014

As part of a broader effort to protect the workplace rights of low-income cancer patients and caregivers, LAS-ELC’s Sharon Terman and Carole Vigne provided a know-your-rights training last night at the Cancer Support Community in Walnut Creek.

In addition to learning about leaves of absence, workplace accommodations, protection from discrimination, and wage replacement benefits, participants also gained practical tips for communicating with employers and received referrals for individualized assistance.

Far too often, individuals living with cancer not only have to deal with a life threatening diagnosis and debilitating treatment; they also must contend with the very real threat of losing their jobs, income, and health insurance when they need them most. Whether in active treatment or survivorship, patients and their family members frequently have employment-related legal needs. 

While various protections exist to address these needs, many patients and family members are unaware of these protections and lack access to legal resources when workplace rights are denied. For that reason, LAS-ELC, with the support of Skadden’s Flom Incubator Grant and the Mt. Zion Health Fund, is working to educate low-income cancer patients and caregivers about their workplace rights so that they can maintain their employment and health benefits while dealing with this serious illness, thereby improving their health, wellbeing, and economic security.

Upcoming workshops at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center will take place on Thursday, March 13th, Tuesday, April 15th, and Thursday, May 15th.