LAS-ELC's Kim Turner Publishes Op-ed on Girls' Access to Sports

LAS-ELC's Kim Turner Publishes Op-ed on Girls' Access to Sports
Recorder piece urges improved enforcement of Title IX and AB 2404
February 1, 2013

Since Title IX was passed over forty years ago, participation in high schools sports by girls has grown from below 300,000 to over 3 million.  But not all girls are reaping the long-term benefits of being involved with athletics, including greater success in academics and higher wages in employment.

Low income girls of color, in particular, lack athletic opportunities at school and beyond, opportunities which can provide a pathway out of poverty.  AB 2404 was passed in 2004 in California to build on Title IX and address lingering gender inequities in local parks and recreation departments, where girls and boys participate in leagues and use facilities, though not necessarily on equal terms.  Today, AB 2404 is virtually unenforced.  

In today's Recorder, Kim Turner, Legal Aid's John and Terry Levin Fellow for Fair Play for Girls in Sports, published an op-ed entitled Title IX Is Leaving Girls Behind detailing the ways in which girls have used sports as an avenue toward academic and employment success, yet not all girls are benefitting from the passage of Title IX and AB 2404, aimed at ensuring equal athletic opportunities for all girls.  Read the full article to learn more.  Nice work, Kim!