Mothers in the Workforce: The Challenges of Child Care and Paid Leave

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Mothers in the Workforce: The Challenges of Child Care and Paid Leave
April 23, 2012

As more working mothers are—and remain—in the workforce, the issues of paid leave and equal pay for women have become more and more prominent.  Today, three quarters of women entering the workforce will become pregnant at least once while employed, and a  large proportion of them will remain in the workforce following childbirth.

However, the United States is one of the only developed nations that does not have a policy that mandates that paid leave be available when a child gets sick and a parent has to miss work to care for them.  Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center has a history of supporting legislation to address these issues as well as providing direct services to women facing discrimination in the workplace or needing assistance to secure the leave to which they are entitled.

"Paid family leave and paid sick leave are common sense policies that are critical for the health and economic security of workers and their families," said Sharon Terman, Legal Aid Senior Staff Attorney.  "No worker should have to choose between caring for their loved one and keeping their job."

Listen to the NPR Report on this issue: "Working Moms' Challenges: Paid Leave, Child Care."

You can read more about our Project on Work and Family or access free information about the rights of pregnant workers.

If you have questions or concerns about leave issues or discrimination based upon gender you may call our Work and Family Helpline at 415-593-0033 or our toll free number 800. 880. 8047.