Wage Protection Program

The Wage Protection Program represents low-wage workers throughout California in civil litigation for violations of federal and state wage and hour laws. Wage theft can make it impossible for low-wage workers – who often live paycheck to paycheck – to sustain themselves and their families.

The Wage Protection Program engages in a variety of litigation tactics to help workers recover stolen wages and protect their workplace rights. Attorneys represent workers in individual and class action cases at state and federal levels, and engage in appellate advocacy. The Wage Protection Program co-counsels with private firms and non-profit organizations to advance the rights of low-wage workers.

Many workers in low-wage industries are not paid the minimum wage or do not receive overtime pay for long work shifts. Other common violations of workers’ rights include failure to provide adequate meal and rest periods, unlawful deductions from paychecks, failure to reimburse for business expenses, misclassification of employees as independent contractors, and failure to keep accurate payroll and timekeeping records.